Law Enforcement Training Courses

The Statewide Comprehensive LEL Support and Distracted Driving for Peace Officers program elevates traffic safety throughout the state of Texas. The Law Enforcement Liaison team works in an all-inclusive roles with the Texas Department of Transportation to provide FREE educational training on several traffic safety topics. 

Distracted Driving: Law Enforcement

is a FREE, 4-hour TCOLE credited course: created to help law enforcement understand the risks associated with distracted driving. Law enforcement officers are subject to numerous and constant distractions that can lead rapidly to serious injury and death while operating an emergency vechicle.

is a FREE, 4-hour TCOLE credited course: created to create an awareness of the importance of CPS (Child Passenger Safety) education and enforcement in preventing child passenger deaths and injuries.

is a FREE, 4-hour TCOLE credited course: created to refocus Law Enforcement on the benefits that traffic enforcement can have on reducing crash fatalities and social harm in your community. Topics will cover available STEP grant funding, using available data to improve your community safety and a refresh of the 7 Step Violator Contact. Learn to take traffic stops beyond the ticket and find out what resources are available to you and your community.

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